Wednesday, March 21, 2018


ISG PolyTouch

Polytouch™ is based on optical technology that uses optical solution to detect touch points of the surface. User can freely access the calibated area of the screen upon setup. In combination with Polyvision™ or PolyScreen™, the touch frame can be at its best practical use. With its high reliability, high sensitivity, and multi-touch function, PolyTouch™ frame can be used in almost every ocassion from office meeting to general public information display.


Standard product is 60”, 80”, 100” (4:3)


  • The infrared irradiate on reflective film
  • Infrared reflect back to camera unit
  • Calculate the coordinate of finger


  • High reliability
  • Long life time
  • High sensitivity : 100pps
  • High resolution: 32,000 points
  • Support multi touch function
  • Attachment solution

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  • Polydigit01
  • Polydigit02
  • Polydigit03