Wednesday, March 21, 2018


ISG PolyGlow

PolyGlow™ has a unique glow in the dark feature, allowing it to set the perfect romantic atmosphere or serve as an emergency light source in the event of a power outage. It can be a novelty in use of counter-top designs. PolyGlow™ Glass can be used as curtain walls in building, it’ll catch and maintain the light during the daytime and release the light at night. PolyGlow™ is just another innovative product used in laminating at dark, catering to emergency access and creating novelty merchandises.


  • Exit Sign
  • Exterior warning sign
  • Interior warning sign
  • Building material
  • Furniture
  • Counter-top applications


  • Size: 1M x 20M by Roll for film
  • Glass Size: up to 1000mm x 3000mm
  • Color : lucky green
  • Environment: -20oC to 80oC(-4oF to 186oF)

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Specifications 2

The distance between the film and the eyes of the inspector should be 1 meter. Ambient brightness of inspection should be 300 Lux to 500 Lux and the viewable spectrum range should be between 400nm to 700nm. The angle between the glass surface and eyes of the inspector should be 90 degrees (± 10 degrees).